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Machine Gun Sales. We are a specialty arms Dealership that offers only collectable new or near new firearms. We specialize in NFA transferable Class 3 and Title II weapons, primarily original Colt, H&K, Steyr and other rare C&R machine guns. We also feature AWC suppressors and integrally suppressed weapons, Polarian and other tactile lights and Yuna custom made knives. We do not stock or sell the typical used firearms, flashlights or knives others would commonly sell. We do not accept trade-ins machine guns as these are usually used and heavily shot. We may take in new firearms only after verification by our gunsmith that the firearm is new-unfired or near new and preferably in the original box that it was shipped in from the manufacturer.

For new customers to this specialized area of firearms:

These restricted weapons are available for sale to any U.S. citizen who is cleared by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF). Prior to purchasing an NFA item (machine gun, suppressor, short barreled rifle/shotgun) you must verify that  your local police chief, county sheriff or other law enforcement official or judge with jurisdiction in your area of residence WILL sign the Form 4 BATF application attesting that you have no local record and that there are no local restrictions on owning or possessing a Title II weapons. Check for their approval FIRST. Alternatively, if you have a corporation or Trust, the gun can be put in that entity’s name. You do not need to have an official signature in this case. I recommend that you use your personal funds to buy the gun, not the corporation’s.

After obtaining the appropriate signature, you must purchase the gun (or other NFA item) you complete the Form 4, get a complete finger print card set (usually at your local law enforcement office) and send in $200 (payable to: Bureau of ATFE) for federal taxes on the weapon. Form 4 to UFT is only applicable in the state of Florida, otherwise we will transfer the item to your local SOT, after purchase of the gun. VERIFY THAT YOU CAN GET A FORM 4 SIGNED FIRST. Form 4 clearance by the BATF takes about 2-4 months but this can vary. After approval by the BATF, we can transfer the gun directly to you in person (Florida only, in-person pick up) or send the firearm to a Class 3 firearm dealer (SOT) in your area. The weapon cannot be shipped directly to you. You can have the machinegun or suppressor transferred to you by your local SOT. He may charge you a nominal fee for the service.

All sales are final.

When your local SOT hands the gun over to you, ask them how to use it properly. These are dangerous weapons if not handled and operated properly. It needs to be noted, however, that there has not been a single crime committed by a registered machine gun owner. We are not responsible for any Title I or II weapon in any way once they leave our dealership. Upon shipment, the new owner assumes full responsibility for the gun or suppressor, including use, maintenance and security.

We will send you additional photographs or information about your weapon prior to purchase. We want you to be a happy customer and tell your friends. These are rare items and nearly impossible to find in this new of condition. Most dealers will tell you that their machine gun is new when in fact it is quite used and/or refurbished. We do not deal in these renditions. Our reputation is for new or near new guns only.  You may come visit us to see a specific gun, prior to purchase. We charge $1,000 to pull it out of storage for your viewing. This may be applied to the purchase price if you decide to buy the gun.

We have ongoing lists for people who want us to find specific guns for them. A non-refundable 20% down will hold an in stock gun from being sold to others for a 6 month period. The average used gun is of poor condition yet still costs 1/2 as much as a new one so we only recommend you purchase new or near new guns. They are very hard to find that meet our strict requirements.

You can be one of the select few to own a new machine gun or other controlled weapon. This can be for your personal collection or for investment purposes. The manufacture of new machine guns for public sale was stopped on May 19, 1986 and ONLY those guns made before then are now available for private purchase and ownership. The number of these rare, quality guns is slowly diminishing. Collectors do give up their guns from time to time and this is how we get most of these quality firearms. As the purchase of new, ordinary handguns, shotguns and rifles is slowly being restricted, the value of machine guns now in circulation is increasing dramatically. Be one of the few, the privileged, the elite to own these near priceless items. Own a machine gun, buy one now, but make sure its the real thing. Do Not Accept Anything Less. It is not worth it. Only the finest should do. The value of a factory original gun, as compared to a conversion or “sear” gun cannot be overly emphasized.

We sell only the finest firearms available. Our 96-99% guns are usually far better than others so-called “New in the Box” (NIB) guns. All guns are bore scoped on arrival to determine condition. All guns are immediately available for purchase and are stored in an airconditioned secure storage facility. The firearms are not displayed or in open sight. They are not handled by anyone but our staff.


NRA Rating System:

NRA New – New gun, usually with accessories in original box including manual.

NRA Perfect – As good as new but may be in different box and may be without manuals.

NRA Excellent – Slightly used but looks like new inside and out.

Our excellent rating is usually better than most other’s NIB guns. Today, NIB (New In Box) is a widely used term in ads for machine guns but rarely, if ever, is a gun new, unfired or in its original factory box. Even if it does come in a box, these are used, makeshift boxes generally in less than good condition.

There are currently approximately 250,000 registered machine guns in the United States. Most gun collectors own more than a couple of NFA weapons. These are responsible people. No crime has ever been committed by a registered machine gun owner. The number of quality machine guns is declining on a daily basis. They will only become more rare as each year passes. The Gun Owners Protection Act of 1986 has insured that new machine guns will not be allowed to enter the private sector. Only military or law enforcement agencies can purchase new machine guns. These guns can never be transferred to private individuals.

The following states may have limitations for the purchase of machine guns. CA, DE, D.C., HA, IL, IA, KS, MI, MN, NY, RI, SC. Check with the local authorities on the statutes that may affect your ownership of an NFA item. Even though additional sales of guns or suppressors may be restricted, there are thousands of registered guns in each of these states. If your are a dealer, FFL, in these states you can own the gun while you are in business but must sell them when you choose to go out of business. You may be able to have a corporation own the gun for you. Check your local laws, call your local dealers.

Machine guns are not for everybody but if you are a serious collector and want to have something of increasing value that few others have, you should get one. Imagine what your closest friends would say when you show them your new Machine Gun! If you get proficient in its use, then you can use it for personal protection in your house or boat. Still, something of this great value that is essentially irreplaceable should be locked up and stored securely at all times except when you want to show it off or just shoot it.

We recommend that the rare, quality machine guns you purchase from us never be fired. They are museum quality pieces that should be displayed as such. If you shoot any weapon, remember to always wear sufficient ear and eye protection when firing any firearm, especially machine guns. Observe extreme caution and treat every gun with the usual firearm precautions at a minimum.

When firing a machine gun, fire a single round in the magazine first then put a magazine with 2 rounds in it. Fire the gun in semi-automatic mode. It should fire a single shot with two separate trigger presses. Then load 3 rounds in a magazine and put the gun in full auto mode. With the weapon pointed down range, in a safe direction, press the trigger and hold. It should fire a 3 round burst then go into slide lock. One should always test the firing of any machine gun in this manner on initial possession (assuming you plan on shooting it at all).

Observe all local laws and restrictions. Do not forget to have a copy of your Form 4 and proper identification with you, when you are shooting or transporting your machine gun. Fully automatic fire attracts the attention of law enforcement and your always need to have the proper documents with you, showing that you are in legal possession of an NFA weapon (including suppressors, short barrel rifles and short barrel shotguns.) Make sure there is at least 3 miles free downfield when firing these guns, no people, animals or structures. Get instruction on safe machine gun use. Remember, as with all guns, machine guns are ALWAYS LOADED, even when they “are not.” Ask the local police first! They will greatly appreciate this!

We also sell Polarion Search and premium Flashlights and Yuna Knives.

Let us know if we can help you.

Sincerely, at your service,

Ultimate Firearm Technologies (UFT)


Buyer is responsible for all Shipping & Insurance.
This varies depending on location and item value. Range is usually $50-200 extra.