ATF Forms

ATF Forms – the class III NFA machine gun, rifle, and other firearm forms for appropriate sales

Form 3: For transfer of NFA registered items from SOT to SOT. Tax exempt form. THIS FORM IS FOR SOT USE ONLY.

Form 4: For transfer of NFA registered item from SOT to private individual or visa versa. This is a tax paid form. This form will be completed by your machine gun dealer (SOT.) YOU DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM UNTIL YOU VERIFY YOU CAN PURCHASE NFA ITEM. IT REQUIRES A CHIEF LEO SIGNATURE OR GUN TRUST.

Form 5: For use when and NFA item needs to be sent out for repair or when performing a tax-free transfer to heirs. Tax exempt form.

Form 20: For application to transport interstate certain National Firearms Act (NFA) Firearms – crossing state lines with a registered NFA firearm. No tax required.

Form 4473: REQUIRED – For all firearm and NFA transfers to individuals, Trusts and corporations.

Form e4473: electronic 4473 that can be filled out on your computer.

FFL EZ-CHECK: Quick access to EZ FFL Check to verify an FFL holder has a valid license.

ATF Main Site: For other forms and information.