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HK Bolt Carrier Groups for MP5 and MP5K For Sale

These Heckler and Koch bolt carrier groups are all new, German manufactured. They will fit on any appropriate MP5, MP5K. These can be put on factory original guns, registered sear conversion weapons or registered receivers. These will may or may not fit on the semiautomatic versions of the MP5 or its variants. All the H&K bolt groups have become restricted items and are no longer available for private purchase. Only bolt groups imported into the United States prior to January 19, 2009 can be sold to private individuals or even Class 2 or 3 dealers. Any new H&K bolt group, imported into the United States, can only be sold to law enforcement or military agencies. We have a few of the remaining, registered new German H&K factory bolt carrier groups available. As such, purchase of even these rare items is restricted. Prior to purchase of any of these full auto parts, the buyer must supply Ultimate Firearm Technologies with proof of ownership of an eligible NFA registered firearm. This must be sent to us prior to sale. These items will only fit on factory original guns. Once these units are gone, no more new parts will be available. 

HK Bolt Carrier Groups for MP5 MP5K For Sale

HK Bolt Carrier Groups for MP5 MP5K For Sale

$2,995.00    Call for shipping and payment options. Firearm part sales are Final.

Shipping will be actual FEDEX rates. Florida residents add 7% tax. All NFA Rules apply.

Due to market fluctuations, all prices are subject to change.

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