Colt M16A2 Model 720 Carbine Machine Gun For Sale



This model was for export and is unique in that it has the M16A2 barrel with the bayonet lug and the notch for the M203 grenade launcher. It also has the A2 sight and is a burst gun. Burst guns are safer and rare as they were produced just before the ban on May 19, 1986. These are few and far between. The Marines designated the burst feature for their guns. Note: Any Colt M16A2 burst machine gun can easily be converted into full, continuous, auto operation with a simple change of a few parts. But in reality, you do not want to shoot our guns. These are so rare and true collector items. Buy a “shooter” if you want to play with machine guns.

Colt M16A2 Model 720 Carbine Machine Gun

Colt M16A2 Model 720 Carbine Machine Gun

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