H&K MP5K-PDW Transferable Machine Gun with Suppressor – SOLD


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A previously owned, but excellent condition Heckler & Koch submachine gun firearm. This has added features as the 3-lug suppressor mount, the folding Choate stock and suppressor. It has the HK SEF trigger group.

The gun and suppressor are fully transferable. It is a Fleming sear gun and not a dealer sales sample. You do not have to be a dealer to purchase this firearm. You may purchase additional HK magazines which we have in stock.  This transferable MP5K-PDW has become one of the rarest submachine guns in the MP5 family that is available for you to own.

For a complete history see Wiki here

HK-MP5K-PDW-Sear-Gun-large HK-MP5K-PDW-Sear-Gun-large2

$39,995.00 (This sale requires payment for two Transfer Tax stamps)

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