Machine Guns – We Both Know You Want One.

It is generally believed by the public, that owning machine guns, silencers (properly referred to as suppressors), and other exotic weaponry is illegal, requires a license. While the validity of the these statements may vary from state to state, it is not true for most states. In Florida, where we are licensed to do business, none of it is true and there are in fact no Florida state restrictions on the ownership of these items,except that ownership must comply with the provisions of Federal Law.

If you live in a state other than Florida, please see the State by State chart of NFA Restrictions and a whole assortment of rules and regulations here for full details.  If after reviewing the State by State chart of NFA Restrictions you find that your state regulates ownership of one or more types of firearms or silencers, you will need to check with your local District Attorney or other qualified individual to see what the criteria of ownership are.

If you live in Florida or one of the many other states that leaves ownership of NFA weapons to the Feds, then all you need to know follows:

Under the provisions of Federal Law, anyone over the age of 21 who is not prohibited from owning a firearm may own NFA weapons including (but not limited to): machine guns, sound suppressors (silencers), short barreled rifles and shotguns, an esoteric type of weapon classed as an “Any Other Weapon”, and destructive devices. The requirements to own are simple. Fill out some paper work, create a Gun Trust (we can help you with this simple matter), buy the item and pay the Federal tax of $200.00 for each NFA classified gun or silencer. It is a matter of mailing this in to the ATF, get approval and then the machine gun, SBR/SBS or silencer is yours to keep forever. You will NOT have to pay the tax on any item you keep, again. This is a one time fee, for each NFA item purchased. All NFA weapons you own can be put into your Gun Trust and passed on to whomever you have on your Gun Trust. It is that simple.


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