AELight Xenide 35/50Watt 3600/4900 Lumens For Sale



AE LIGHT in association with LEMAX s.r.o., makers of nuclear research and automotive equipment, introduce Xenide AEX35/50. Holding true to our level of performance and quality the Xenide 35/50 delivers massive amounts of light on long range targets. Designed for law enforcement, border patrol, search & rescue and military operations, the Xenide 35/50 can project its primary beam 2000 meters with ample peripheral light to view targets side to side.

Featuring dual function HID electronic ballast the low beam 3600 lumen output has a run time of 110 minutes. On high beam the Xenide 35/50 produces 4900 lumens of blinding white light for 70 minutes.

The light head and reflector is a precision CNC machined single component from solid aerospace aluminum, Mil-A-8625 hard anodized then the reflector surface is coated for maximum beam transfer. The integrated design of the light head and reflector insures the reflector is optically maximized so the beam is never out of focus with less component parts, resulting in easier field lamp replacement, better heat exchange, and stronger unit strength.

The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is potted in the same aerospace aluminum, Hard anodized Mil-A-8625. A protective circuit controls battery charge to insure proper charging and protect against over/under charge condition. A replaceable slow blow fuse is easily accessed in the event of inadvertent shorting of the battery terminals.

Designed with professional use in mind, no detail has been compromised. Electrical circuits that can be exposed to the atmosphere are gold plated to insure corrosion and electrolysis never develops to degrade performance. Water pressure tested to 50 meters, the AEX35/50 can double as a powerful dive light.

The removable hand grip is drilled and tapped to fit standard tripods and has a hole drilled on the rear for a lanyard. The hand grip is easily removed for those that prefer to use the light with a standard barrel grip.

The magnetic on/off switch easily controls activation of both high and low modes. Rotating the switch just behind the light head counter clockwise activates the 3600 lumen low mode. Turning the switch clockwise activates the 4900 lumen high mode. Rotating the switch opposite the direction of mode chosen first turns the light off then on to the preferred mode.


Technical Data:

Luminous flux: 3600/4900
Color Temp: 4250K
Lamp Life: 2500 hours
Power: 12 VDC
Water resistance: 50 meters
Maximum lighting distance 2000+ meters
Working Temp: -20°C [-4°F] up to +60°C [140°F]
Maximum working Temperature: +120°C [248°F] (cca 1 min)
Surface treatment: Hard anodize (MIL-A-8625) Type 111 Hard
Continuous run time: 110 min. low mode / 70 min high mode
Weight without handle: 1.7 kg / 3.7 lb
Weight with handle: 1.9 kg / 4.3 lb.
Head Diameter: 3.875″ / 98.425 mm
Body Diameter: 2.625″ / 66.675 mm
Battery Diameter: 2.50″ / 63.5 mm
Overall Length: 12″ / 304.8 mm
Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery charge time: 180 min.
Life cycles: 1000 / replaceable
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