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Yuna knives are in a cutlery category of a singular nature. Every knife is a custom, hand made piece of art by Yun – a humble Thai native. He has life long experience with knife fighting – the art that gave way to form. Yun started out by making knives as a hobby. As he perfected his skills, hobby turned into a dedicated commitment to making the finest custom knives available. As Yun states:
“When I design my custom knives, the function always comes first. The aesthetic consideration and decoration elements normally come by themselves as part of the creative flow.” The company name “Yuna” is a combination of the knife maker’s name, Yun, and his wife, Na.

Yuna offers custom made knives in several models. Ultimate Firearm Technologies is proud to offer the Yuna Assassin knife. This multipurpose knife is hand ground to the final product, literally a work of art. The blade is made of ZDP-189 steel, unique is its ability to be honed to the sharpest razor edge – and stay that way. Users on Blade Forums consistently rate knives made of this steel to be the sharpest they have ever had. The caveat to keeping this blade at its sharpest is to keep it “tuned” up with regular sharpening. The Assassin blade has an ATS-34 steel laminate over it. ATS-34 is a premium knife steel that has excellent corrosion resistant qualities. It also helps the blade to maintain its razor sharp edge.

The frame and clip are titanium. The Assassin comes in an eye catching orange and black finish. Distinctive in its looks and outstanding in performance, the Yuna Assassin knife is the ultimate knife to own. Certainly, when only the finest will do. Normal wait time to get these limited production knives can be 3-6 months. UFT offers these stunning knives as immediately available for purchase. Call now, while these magnificent knives are available.



Steels (Yun’s Descriptions)

ZDP-189 sanmai ATS-34 is my favourite steel. It is a powder steel made by Hitachi. It features a very fine grain structure. With the right heat treatment it gets scary sharp and holds the sharpness for a long time. For sharpening, it’s not more difficult than other steels as S30V, D2, et cetera.

Handle Materials of the folding knife:

G10 is an epoxy sealed, woven glass composite reinforced with glass fiber. It is even stronger than Micarta.

Carbon fiber is a material comparable with Micarta and G10. But the resin is reinforced with woven carbon fiber. Its extremely light. Micarta is a phenolic resin reinforced with layers of paper or cloth. Its very strong and stable.


Blade steel      ZDP-189 laminated with ATS-34
Thickness         4mm
Blade length      3 7/8″  from tip to handle
Closed length    5 5/8″
Opened length   9 3/8″
Width                  1 3/8″
Handle               Engraved black/orange G-10
Locking system   Frame lock
Frame              6AL 4V titanium 1/8″ thickness.
Frame stop     6AL 4V titanium
Spacer      1.5 mm. thickness 6AL 4V titanium
Clip         6AL 4V titanium
Pivot       Hardened 440C in Yin-Yang style.

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