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Machine Guns For Sale
Machine Guns For Sale



IMI UZI Full Size Machine Gun For Sale
IMI UZI Full Size Machine Guns    $9,195

IMI UZI Full Size Machine Gun For Sale
Polarion Hand Held Searchlight    $2,195

Yuni Assassin Knife For Sale

Ultimate Firearm Technologies, formerly Prestige Arms, is your source for top quality machines guns, firearms and rifles for sale. Here at UFT we understand that if you want to buy real machine guns, not sear guns nor put together guns, you will have to get your dealer's license, an FFL, and it's easier than you think. Many people turn hobbies into a small business. In this case it allows you to purchase real dealer sales samples that are bona fide machine guns. All you need is a business location that allows for firearm sales, the rest is just some paperwork. UFT is now a proud Authorized Polarion PH40 USA Dealer.

We are your expert. You don't have to do the worrying. Do not spent your valuable time and then end up with a less than desireable firearm. We work for you. When you buy a used gun that is of poor quality your gun may just blow up - and so will your entire investment. Let us be your resource, your eyes and ears for a really good, collectable firearm. We can put you on a list, when something comes in that meets your desire we can get in touch with you immediatley and get your dream weapon into your hands.

   - Welcome to the new UFT. Please feel free to browse our products and contact us with any questions.
   - According to Sarah Brady, Obama states "We're Working on Gun Control Under the Radar".
   - New Product - UFT is proud to now offer the UTX-70 Series Microtech Switch Blades automatic knife.
   - The details on the H.R.5005 Machine Gun exemption of the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986.
   - UFT has a page featuring videos of some our machine guns, pistols, knives and flashlights.

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